Six Month Smiles Braces

The road towards me getting braces has been a long and arduous journey!  Once all my adult teeth came in it was clear that my teeth were going to stay crooked,but for one reason or the other my family couldn’t afford it or getting braces just had to be put on hold. Finally At 18 years old the first step in me getting braces was to be completed. I went to see an orthodontist and at the consultation I was told I needed to have four teeth removed in order to make room for the alignment. That was 8 years ago however,  I did get the four teeth removed that I needed yet still no braces and this was once again put on hold.To be completely honest over the past few years getting braces hasn’t been my top priority but the regular dentist I go to to get my teeth cleaned recommended that I try wearing a retainer to fix the appearance of my two front teeth, I was just really excited to hear that there was another option besides braces so I jumped on it and paid $2,000 for the essix retainer. I tried to wear the retainer for two years but it really didnt work for various reasons.

Six months smile was recommended to me by my regular dentist and not an orthodontist. My situation is a little bit different than most. I had tried to use the Essix retainer first which was a total fail and they were offering this to me at no extra cost than what I had already paid  so I thought why not  give this six months smile thing a try.   

On Oct. 12th I went to have the braces put on. I tried to take photos of each step so you can see a bit of the process.The blue dots is adhesive for the brackets I believe,than the next shot is actually with the brackets put on and last thing they did was put on the bite guards which keep me from biting down and knocking out the brackets. There was another reason they needed to put on the bite guards. 

November 8th

Its been about a month now that I’ve had them. After about two weeks I did get used to them but its been very painful to eat  and I can only do soft foods. I cant chew except on the bite guards and in my case  I have been having intense pain when I bite on the left side so I can only chew on one side. On November 5th which was a few days ago I went to have them tightened. They removed the existing wire and replaced it with ones they called chains. I was told that the chains would help move my teeth even faster and that I would be in a bit more pain. So far this has been true.  I keep having problems with the bite guard on my left side and I have to go back in next week to figure out this problem. Turns out I had grinded down one of the bite guards the first time and it was completely gone so they put in a new one this last visit. I grind my teeth sometime during my sleep and this problem has only gotten worse since getting the braces. I cracked the bite guard on the left side of teeth and it is completely gone now. The actual good news is my teeth have moved a lot and you can already tell there is a difference after just one month. I do recommend getting a second opinion and doing your research as always with investing in anything.I have read some good and some bad reviews about this six months smile so I wanted to write about my experience and what I  have gone through thus far. Only after the six months are up  and I get them taken off will I know for sure if this has been successful so I’ll keep updating this post!

It may not look like it but..

This site took forever to make! I hate wordpress with a fiery passion, but with a lot of persistence I finally figured it all out and the site is done now . I really hesitated about putting my portfolio up again, I hadn’t been modeling as much,and when I started seeing my images elsewehere on the net being modified* it really threw me off a bit. I’m flattered when someone likes my work enough to share it but 9 times out of 10 I see my photos  with no credit or even worse re-edited ..or even much much worse..someone has put some kind of meme on it :/. Like all artists I love to see my works shared, but at the same time its really not helping anyone if you have not included my name.. please out of respect all I ask is that you include a credit or link to my page when using my photos for something. You can always ask me too, I  love the opportunity to be featured of course and will glady give you larger sizes if I know it is for a blog or article. Anyway,I really didn’t want to give  up the domain  Amanda Tea I thought it couldn’t hurt to just throw something up on this site that looked a little nice , plus I’ve been itching to have an online blog or journal for awhile and I’m thinking this could satisfy that itch so check back for more of my ranting.