It may not look like it but..

This site took forever to make! I hate wordpress with a fiery passion, but with a lot of persistence I finally figured it all out and the site is done now . I really hesitated about putting my portfolio up again, I hadn’t been modeling as much,and when I started seeing my images elsewehere on the net being modified* it really threw me off a bit. I’m flattered when someone likes my work enough to share it but 9 times out of 10 I see my photos  with no credit or even worse re-edited ..or even much much worse..someone has put some kind of meme on it :/. Like all artists I love to see my works shared, but at the same time its really not helping anyone if you have not included my name.. please out of respect all I ask is that you include a credit or link to my page when using my photos for something. You can always ask me too, I  love the opportunity to be featured of course and will glady give you larger sizes if I know it is for a blog or article. Anyway,I really didn’t want to give  up the domain  Amanda Tea I thought it couldn’t hurt to just throw something up on this site that looked a little nice , plus I’ve been itching to have an online blog or journal for awhile and I’m thinking this could satisfy that itch so check back for more of my ranting.